Free Apartment Finder Service


Step 1. We Listen. Our first step is to learn about what you need in your next home.

Step 2. We Search. We do the work of searching for properties that meet your criteria. 

Step 3. Hit the Road, Jack. Once we've found a handful of properties to view, we set up showings and go on a tour. 

Step 4. Apply. We help you navigate the application process from negotiating to signing the lease. 



If we don't pay you, then how do you get paid?

We are paid through the agent who represents the owner. However, it does not change our fiduciary duty to YOU. 


I have some blemishes on my credit/no landlord references/___(fill in the blank with derogative situation)___, will you still be able to help?

Probably. Every landlord has different qualifications, so we will work to match you with a landlord who is willing to work with you. Many times having a co-signer will mitigate any negative circumstance.